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If you have not found pricing for your drive shaft from a particular link on our web site, have other questions or if you would like to place an order, you will need to contact us via E-mail, Fax or telephone.

With very few exceptions, we do not build drive shafts by application but rather by specification. While we are often familiar with the universal joint sizes and the type of drive shaft that a particular vehicle may use, in order to quote or build, we may need a little dimensional information.

We believe there are down sides to getting "too much" drive shaft, beyond unnecessary expense. But certainly we need to make sure that whatever we send to you, will work. Please take a look at our measuring guide. We think you’ll find it simple enough to follow. We would recommend that you print and save for easy reference.

If this is a custom application such as a custom built, tube frame, rock crawler or any other vehicle with a substantial lift, It is also helpful to know some measurements for the slopes of the transfer case differential and drive shaft. A simple method for obtaining this information can be found at this link.

With this information we're sure we can get drive shafts to you that will work and work well for a very long time.


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You may want to print out and use the worksheets above to order your drive shaft.
call or email us your questions.

Step 1

Type A - Double Cordon (CV)

Type B - Standard Slip (2 joint)

Type C - Reverse Slip (2 joint)

shaft_type.gif (16807 bytes)

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Step 2

attach1.gif (10376 bytes) attach2.gif (19107 bytes)
attach3.gif (21431 bytes)
attach4.gif (18916 bytes)

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Step 3
working_length.gif (26912 bytes)

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Note: Most drive shafts shown in photos are polished and clear coated, this finish adds $25 the cost. We only recommend the polish & clear coat for show vehicles or very dry climates.
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